UX/UI — Student Project


The app is a cooperative and interactive way to listen to music while chatting with your friends. It was made with Benjamin Kaczynski and Pascal Schwientek during the university course “Remocial Life” by Ivo Hermann and Paul Thiele. The project was influenced by the first lockdown during the corona virus pandamic. Our task was to create a way to spend time with our friends online, a digital adaption of something you would analogue. After a lot of discussions and rethinking we found the main functions and a specific usecase: music streaming, a chat, groups, an option to change music during a session, voting music out and short games which are related to the music playing.




(1) swipe to find your latest mixtapes (2) create a new custom mixtape and invite your friends (3) collaborative song skipping (4) Add a new interactive game to the active session

Marcus Schindler is a design student focussed on typography, interfaces and animation.